2024 CNA Training Program Dates

Offering training only at our Grand Rapids location:

1717 4 Mile Rd NE Ste B Grand Rapids MI 49525

Attendance is mandatory for the entire class. No days or time can be missed. Please make sure that you are able to attend every single in-person session for the date and times that you select. 

In the event of instructor illness, death, or other emergencies, dates are subject to change. We try very hard to not have to do this, but there are circumstances where this may happen. We will do everything we can to accommodate student needs in the event that this happens.

We require a full class of at least 5 students in order for us to run and operate a class. Should we not meet this requirement, we will place a student into the next available class. This rarely happens, but in the event of a lower class, we would move all students into the next one.

All applications must be in and submitted by the Friday before class starts at noon. This gives us time to process the application and prepare for student admissions. We do not work on weekends, so applications submitted past this deadline will not be accepted, and student will be placed into the next available class. 

Class Times- Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM     Clinical Days: 7:30AM-3:30PM

Virtual Class Evening Hours: Lab Hours are 5PM-9:30 PM and Clinical Hours are 4:00-9:30

All classes are $1650 for the CNA course.

In Person Classes 

(Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM EST)

September 23, 2024

October 21, 2024

December 2nd, 2024

More in-person dates coming soon!

Virtual/Hybrid Classes

July 29th

August 19th

September 9th

More dates coming very soon!


Get started in your new career today!

1717 4 Mile Rd NE Ste B, Grand Rapids, MI 49525