In Michigan, state CNA testing is done by Headmaster LLP/TMU. They service the entire state. 

Any and all state testing questions must go through Headmaster. We are unable to assist you with state testing. 


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State of Michigan Sign up

The Bureau of Community & Health Systems is requesting that all training programs share with their graduating certified nurse aides the following information. To help support the success of certified nurse aides, we are also asking if the programs could assist the nurse aides with creating an account in MILogin and MI-NATES systems.

The following information can be found on our website here: Nurse Aide Registry (

Upon successful completion of both the written/oral and clinical exam, the applicant must complete the following in order to obtain a certificate of registration:

1. Create a MILogin account at MILogin - Login (


2. Request access to MI-NATES: Michigan Nurse Aide, Training, and Enforcement System, and set up your user profile. 


Please note, certified nurse aides must also submit a new nurse aide application and pay the $40 registration fee via the MI-NATES System before being placed on the public nurse aide registry.

NOTE: PES is not responsible for anything related to the state of Michigan website registration including, fees, singups, etc. Please reach out directly to the state if you need assistance. 

State Testing Resources

In order to be successful on your state exam, you must be prepared to take and sit for your state exam! 

Know all of the hands-on clinical skills INSIDE and OUT! Any one of them could get selected. 

Take practice exams. 

Review the videos PES has created on our YouTube Channel. 

Take a deep breath- you've got this! 

PLEASE do not no call no show to your exam- This counts as a failure and you only get THREE before you have to completely retake a class! 


NOTICE: We are not affiliated with this organization. 

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