Whether you are a new sponsor, one of our amazing partners already, or just wanting more information on sponsorships, we appreciate your interest in our programs! 

This page will help you to explore the offerings that PES can make for you as a CNA training sponsor, and what you need to know to send your students to our program. 

Tuition- $1650

Please note that tuition pricing does not include state testing fees or the registration fee with the state of Michigan; these are in addition to our tuition pricing. 

Tuition price includes scrubs, textbook rental, laptop rental, LMS fees, background check fees, equipment rental, lab fees, and administrative fees. 

State testing fees are now $175 and State of Michigan registration fees are now $40 as of April 2024. 

All applications must be submitted online!

All applications for CNA training must be submitted online on our website. Please do not have students call us; please simply have them visit us here and submit their application on our "Applications" page. Our phone lines are not manned, so it may take hours before we are able to reach back out to a student to submit their application. We also have separate applications for virtual versus in-person so please help them and ensure that they are completing the correct application.

When submitting the application, please ensure that they have selected you as the Sponsoring Agency. In some cases, we may reach out to you to confirm the student has permission to attend class. 

working and attending class

All of our programs are FULL TIME. Please do not have students attempt to work full time AND attend class. This is setting them up for failure. Yes our virtual program is more flexible, but it is still full time work. We absolutely do not recommend working full time and attempting to attend our program; students may not be successful, and there is additional cost if a student does not pass the course the first time.

Virtual/hybrid Training Done differently

Many folks still have a poor opinion of virtual training options. This is understandable as many students have had issues with them in decades past. With that said, our virtual/hybrid program is DIFFERENT and so much better than other programs. With the virtual/hybrid class, our students are required to spend a minimum amount of time within the virtual classroom. Students who do not do this, fail the course. We have many failsafes built into our learning management system, and we monitor this very carefully. We also have checkpoints that students are required to meet in order to successfully finish the class. Unlike other virtual/hybrid CNA programs, we watch and monitor what our students are doing, and we carefully keep track of the logs within the classroom to ensure that all students are following the program. We can immediately shut down a student interaction if we suspect there is foul play, cheating, or that a student is not participating like they should.

Our virtual students are afforded more time to finish than in-person students. Virtual students are also able to go back and review more material and have more opportunities for review than our in-person students do. We will always help a student who worries that they may not be successful, but many have reported fear of online learning, but excel greatly once they get in and get started. 

With that said, we understand that not every student is suited to virtual learning (though we have worked very hard to make it very easy to use and navigate and to participate) so we will still continue to offer in-person training as well. 

Student Success

Students who are not successful in the course, will be required to pay for a second attempt. For the longest time, we allowed students who were not successful to attend another training at our cost. Unfortunately when we have done this, this has hurt us in many ways. Therefore, we have changed our policies to reflect that any student who is not successful may have one additional chance to take the course at cost. If they are not successful the 2nd time, then they will have to wait 6 months before they are able to attend another training session with us. 

We work very hard to ensure student success, and we worrk very hard to make sure every student has an equal chance to succecssfully finish the course with flying colors. 

With that said, in the case of death, family emergency, or illness, we can and will always make exceptions! 

Sponsor Reimbursement- State of Michigan/Medicaid

As a sponsoring agency you are able to obtain reimbursement for all CNA training completed at your facility. This is a federal requirement, as well as a state requirement for Michigan. 

If you are not quite sure how to get started with reimbursement, please reach out to a member of our team! We can get you set up with an account at the state, as well as provide you with all of the forms and information that you need to be a reimbursed sponsor. This is free money for your organization, and this can be a great way for you to get great staff and get reimbursed for paying for their training. Contact us to learn more! 


Communication is a key ingredient to successful relationships. This is why we work very hard to keep the lines of communication open with our sponsoring agencies, and we ask that you do the same. We will notify you of any issues or problems with the students that attend our class, and keep you abreast of any potential red flags. In return we ask that you also offer us the same courtesy, which includes notifying us if a student is no longer sponsored, if there are issues, or if there are any problems. Communication keeps the world going round! 


PES offers a billing option for all sponsors with Net15 terms. We offer these generous terms to allow  time to pay for our sponsoring organizations. Sponsors who are not able to abide by the Net15 terms may be required to pay in full up front before we are able to accept students from the organization. 

PES offers retainer options for organizations who wish to pay and work off of a retainer. We offer a discount of $150 per student to those organizations who wish to use the retainer option. Please reach out to a member of our team if you are interested in utilizing this option. 

Some organizations require the students to self-pay and then the organization offers them tuition reimbursement. We offer affordable payment plans for students as well so that they can pay over 8 weeks and then start class.This is another great way to ensure that students are willing and able to take the course successfully. As a reminder, it is required of any CMS certified facility to refund tuition for CNA training, testing, and registration fees.