100% online

This course is 100% online and includes virtual simulation labs to get practice for your medical assistant skills! 

6 months

Just 6 months time to complete the entire program! Somewhat self paced as well so you can attend classes while working!


Once done with our program you are eligible to take your national certification exam through the National Healthcareer Assocation

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About Our MA Program!

Our Virtual Medical Assistant Program offers a cutting-edge educational experience designed to train and prepare individuals for rewarding careers in the healthcare industry, all from the comfort of their own homes. Leveraging advanced technology and innovative teaching methodologies, our program provides comprehensive training in medical assisting skills, procedures, and best practices.

At this time, our program is only open to those living and residing in the United States.

100% Fully Virtual and Online

Fully Virtual: Our program is 100% online, allowing students to access coursework, lectures, and interactive exercises from anywhere with an internet connection.

Flexibility: With self-paced modules and asynchronous learning, students can balance their studies with existing commitments, making it ideal for busy professionals or those with family responsibilities.

safely practice skills virtually!

Hands-On Learning: Engage in practical, real-world simulations and virtual labs to develop essential clinical skills and confidence in various medical procedures.

best instructors in the industry

Expert Instruction: Learn from experienced medical professionals and educators who are dedicated to providing personalized guidance and support throughout the program.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including medical terminology, patient care techniques, administrative tasks, and electronic health records management.

Career Preparation: Gain valuable insights into the healthcare industry, job market trends, and career pathways through career counseling and job placement assistance services.

Accreditation: Our program is approved by the state of Michigan and is in good standing. Once done with our program you are eligible to take your national certification exam

Medical Assistant Program is fully approved through the state of Michigan.

Program Overview

Term 1- 2 months

Anatomy and Physiology

Learn the basics and foundations of Anatomy and Physiology and how the body works.

Medical Terminology

Get to know and understand the foundations of medical terms and medical terminology so you can better understand medical fundamentals. 

Introduction to Medical Assisting

Begin to build on the basics and fundamentals of what it means to be a medical assistant. 

Clinical Procedures- Lab 1

Using our virtual simulation software, start using the skills you've learned and begin practicing the clinical skills for your medical assistant career. 

Term 2- 2 months

Pharmacology and clinical mathematics

Learn about medical drug usage as a medical assistant and learn how to calculate drug dosages accurately and concisely.  

Medical office administration and procedures

Learn what it takes to run a medical offices and the various types of procedures that a medical assistant will use.

Diseases of the human body

This course will explore various aspects of how diseases affect your patients and how you can better serve them.

clinical Procedures- Lab 2

Using our virtual simulation software course, build on your MA skills and learn more advanced skills in this virtual course. 

Term 3- 2 months

Medical Coding and billing

This course will show you how to code and bill in a medical office and provide you with the skills for computer based charting.

Medical ethics and law

This course will explore ethics and the law and considerations all MAs must have when caring for vulnerable patients. 


Examine various ways that nutrition plays into proper care of the body and of your patients.  

Clinical Procedures- Lab 3

Continuing in our virtual simulation software experience, students will further explore clinical labs to strenghthen their skills as an MA.

Tuition- $3500

We offer affordable tuition at just $3500 for our program. Additional fees include textbooks and the simulation software required for the course. (Approximately $450)

Payment plans, sponsorships, and scholarships are available to those who qualify. 

*$25 application fee for app processing applies.

Payment plan options

Plan 1

$500 down payment

$500 a month payments for 6 months. 

No wait for graduation!

Plan 2

$1000 down payment

$416 a month payments

for six months.

No wait for graduation!

Plan 3

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Do these options not work for you? Contact us for a personalized payment plan that will work just for you. 

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