Hybrid/Virtual CNA TRAINING

Things you must know!

#1 You must have a laptop/Tablet/netbook to attend class

Students may only access our learning portal via a laptop, netbook, or tablet. Cell phones/mobile devices are blocked from our LMS from accessing the portal, as it does not pull our curriculum over well in a mobile device. If you need a laptop to rent, please contact us before class starts to arrange for a pickup and rental of one of our laptops. ($100 refundable deposit required.) 

#2 There is an e-textbook included in with your class.

There is a PDF textbook included in with your learning. You may download this and use it on another device during the class tenure so that you are able to view and see all required elements. If you need a hard copy of the book, we can rent them for a $100 refundable deposit, or you can purchase your own copy from Amazon or Wolters Kluwer.

#3 You must have a tb skin test ready and available to upload your first day of class.

Please ensure that you have completed your TB skin test and that this is ready to go; you will not be able to move forward in the virtual class without a TB skin test to upload. If you need one completed, please reach out and a member of the PES team will be able to assist you. 

#4 Cheating or workarounds in the virtual classroom is strictly prohibited.

Any student caught cheating or using workarounds of any kind in the virtual environment will be removed from class and reported to the State of Michigan. People who cheat have no business caring for vulnerable adults, and you will be placed on our Do Not Admit list for any future classes. We take cheating very, very seriously. We also monitor the virtual classroom very carefully, and have flags and alerts set up to notify us if there are any questionable activities.

#5 Login information will come directly from moodle

Your login information will come directly from our LMS system in an email. The email address this will be sent from is noreply@pesschoolofnursing.com so please check your spam box if you are unable to find it.  

#6 Our LMS Address is www.pesschoolofnursing.net

In order to access our LMS system, please visit https://www.pesschoolofnursing.net to login to our learning management system. This is the only way to access Moodle. 

#7 Course Pacing Guidelines

While this course is virtual and somewhat self-paced, there are course pacing guidelines built into the course itself. These are in place to ensure student success. Students who do not meet course pacing guidelines will be removed from the virtual course. The course pacing guidelines are not suggestions or guides; they are required to be followed. 

#8 Course Grade requirements

IIn order to pass the virtual/didactic portion of the class, students must have a 75% or higher average in the class to be able to attend lab and clinicals. Students who do not pass, must re-enroll in another class at cost. Students who are not successful in the virtual class, may only re-take an in-person class. They will not be permitted to re-take a virtual class with PES. 

#9 Class Start Date/Time

This class will open on Monday of Week 1 at 12:01 AM EST. You may begin at any time after this. No student will have access to coursework before this time.

If you are taking the daytime class, In-person lab and clinical days will run Monday-Wednesday of Week 3! Lab days are 8AM-4PM EST and clinical days are 7:30-3:30 EST.

Those who are taking the evening lab and clinicals, will have lab and clinical hours during Monday-Friday of Week 3. Lab days will be Monday/Tuesday and will run from 5PM-9:30 PM EST. Clinical times will be from 4PM-9:30 PM EST. Please do not be late! 

Failure to show up for lab or clinical days will cause you to FAIL the course and no exceptions will be made for this. .You also may not pick and choose when you attend lab or clinicals; you are required to attend on the days and times of the class dates that you choose. 

#10 Dress Code

Scrubs are required to be worn for lab and clinical days. Black is the preferred color for students, but any color may be worn for the lab day. Black scrubs are required for clinical days, and we will administer one pair of scrubs to each student prior to clinical days. 

#11 Virtual training is strictly monitored

PES Instructors are able to monitor EVERYTHING in the virtual classroom down to the second that you are logged in and exactly what you are doing. We keep tabs on this to prevent cheating and to ensure our virtual classroom is running properly. We are also able to perform detailed audits, and assist students with the technology. One of the reasons we chose our LMS was to help have an easy to use platform, while also having powerful tools to assist students and to ensure that our virtual classroom is run to to the highest standard. 

#12 Hybrid Classroom is still full time!

Our hybrid class is still full time. While it is somewhat self paced, if course pacing guidelines are not met, students will be removed from the virtual classroom. It is incredibly important to make sure that you are in the class and working at least 6-8 hours per day. Each section of the course takes around 10-15 hours to complete, and if you fall behind you will fail the course. We do not recommend students attempt to work full time and attend the course, so please know the risk taht you take if you do this. 

#13 Lab and Clinical Days are mandatory

Lab and clinical days are in-person and are mandatory for you to complete the course. Attendance for these is also mandatory and there can be no time missed. Also, please ensure that you have signed up for the appropriate day/evening class. You are not able to just change to a different day and time for clinicals/labs. You either attend the days you signed up for, or you will not pass the course. Our training dates page can help you find the right day and time for you to attend the program.