Frequently Asked Questions

How much is tuition?

Tuition for all of our CNA programs is $1650. Background check fees, textbook rental, laptop rental, LMS course fees, administration fees, and equipment rental fees are all included with this price.       

As of August 1, 2024, scrubs will no longer be included with tuition fees due to the increased costs. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

What payment methods do you accept?

All kinds! We accept cash, credit card, money order, cashier's check, sponsorships, scholarships payment plans, Klarna, Venmo, Stripe, and more. 

I am in the virtual class. Can't I just attend lab and clinicals when I want to?

No you may not. The class that you sign up for is the class that you are taking. We operate a professional school, and we cannot place students all over the place for lab and clinical days. If you have signed up for the evening lab and clinicals, you will be required to take those lab and clinical days. We will not switch a student to another lab or clinical day unless there is an exteme emergency. 

Is is true that if i pay for the class or testing myself that my employer has to reimburse me?

Yes this is true. The current schedule requires employers pay up to $1100 of reimbursement for your class, and all of your testing fees (for the first attempt!). Many employers will pay for the full amount, assuming reimbursement is submitted in a timely manner. More information about this can be found on the state of Michigan website here:

What is a TB TEST? What methods do you accept?

A TB test checks for the presence of tuberculosis; it is required that all students receive a tb screening prior to the first day of class. This can be done via a TB skin test, an Interferon blood test, or a chest x-ray. All students must submit a tb test the first day of the program. We are able to assist with obtaining this if you need a test completed. Please reach out to the offices with an email request for assistance.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday-Friday from 8AM-4PM EST. We are closed evenings and weekends. 

What is the best way to reach someone at your School?

We are a small team, so email is the best and preferred method of communication; we are not always able to get to the phones, but we do our best, and you can expect a fast and detailed response via email! Most information can also be found right here on our website, which we encourage all visitors to check out!

What is the dress code for the program?

We require scrubs to be worn at all times during in-person class, labs, and lecture. Black scrubs are required for clinical days. However, during regular class and lab hours, any scrub colors/designs may be worn, so long as they are appropriate.

What is your cell phone policy?

Cell phones are a huge distraction, and as such, they are prohibited from our classrooms. If a student has an emergency, they can be reached via the school phone line, and we will pass the message along. Any student caught using a cell phone during class time or clinical time will be disciplined up to and including dismissal from the program. Please keep your cell phones in your vehicle, and keep them put away during class times.

I am interested in your payment plan. How does this work?

If using our payment plan, you must first sign up for and complete the payment plan in full. No student will be admitted until their payments are made in full. Unfortunately, we have had too many people abuse this, and so we have had to go to a pay in full option before students are able to attend class. Once the payment plan is paid in full, the student will then be notified that they are able to register for and attend classes. 

Can I work full time and still attend classes?

We do not recommend doing this. Our in-person classes are full time, and this can potentially set you up for failure if you are late, unable to make times, or if you are caught falling asleep in class. Our virtual class is also full time, and while this is more flexible, we do not recommend that you work full time and attempt the class; you will fall behind!

Is your virtual CNA class 100% online?

No. That is illegal in the state of Michigan. We are required to have lab and clinical hours in person. Lab and clinical hours run during Week 3 of the virtual/hybrid class. 

How is your virtual class different?

Unlike other programs, we have a robust LMS system and LMS manager who has selected a great learning management system to ensure that not only are student needs able to be met, but that coursework is actually being done. There are no workarounds and videos and lectures are locked to ensure that students are actually completing the work. We also have a very strict auditing policy to watch for any signs of cheating or workarounds, and we monitor this all very carefully. 

Why are there pacing guidelines in the virtual class?

Pacing guidelines keep students on task and on track for success. We have found that without them, many students attempt to wait until the last minute, and they are not successful in the class. Since we have implemented these, we have a nearly 100% success rate for students completing the course. 

When will i receive information on class start?

All students are sent welcome information with a detailed PDF one week before class starts. If you are in the virtual program, your login information will come directly from Moodle, our LMS. In the meantime, check out the student handbook, as this may answer a lot of your questions!

What learning management system do you use?

We use Moodle for our learning management system. Moodle is robust and offers great control of the classroom and is very easy to use! You can access our learning management system here:

When are your next start dates for class? 

Start dates for all of our classes can be found on our "Training Dates" page. You can find that here:

Do you accept federal financial aid for cna training?

No. We are unable to accept federal financial aid for CNA training; this is not an approved program. However, we are very happy to assist you with other scholarship and sponsorship opportunities if you are in need of financial assistance. 

What are the differences in your programs?

Our in-person classes are just that; they run in-person for two weeks. Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM EST. Our virtual/hybrid class runs for 3 weeks. The first two weeks are entirely online with lectures and videos and quizzes. You then complete your lab (hands on practice) and clinical skills during week 3. 

Can i use my phone to access the virtual classroom?

No; this is strictly prohibited and we have this feature locked down in our virtual classroom. You must have a laptop, netbook, or tablet to be able to attend virtual training. If you do not have one, we can arrange for a rental if you need one. Please reach out to a member of staff prior to the first day of class. 

What is your policy on acrylic nails/nail polish?

For infection control purposes, these are strictly forbidden in our programs. They harbor bacteria and can easily scratch a fellow student or resident, therefore, we do not allow the use of acrylic nails, gel nails, nail overlays, press on nails, or nail polisy while in our program.