Why work for us

PES has very high standards for all of our programs. We don't do anything half-baked. We want to work with the best and we want the best of the best to join us. We offer flexible schedules, good pay, and a professional and rewarding work environment. We are not able or willing to micromanage, and we want those who are motivated and driven to apply to work with us! 

Available Jobs

RN Program Director for CNA Training

LPn Program Faculty

RN Program Director for CNA Training: 

This position will oversee our CNA training programs both in Grand Rapids and in Spring Lake. The person selected for this position must be able to work in BOTH locations.

Minimum Requirements:

BSN Degree

Minimum one-year (verified with letter on letterhead) experience in a nursing home environment (NON-NEGOTIABLE)

CNA Train the Trainer Certification or Ability to Obtain

RN License State of Michigan in Good Standing (no history of licensure issues or problems)

CPR Certified

Able to pass a criminal background check

Negative TB Test or Able to Provide Chest X-Ray

Job Responsibilities:

Accountable for the entire program; i.e., classroom, laboratory, and clinical.

Submits all required information to the State of Michigan in a timely manner.

Manages all contracts and information with clinical sites, and continues to maintain good relationships with all sponsoring agencies.

Responsible for maintaining all student records, and filing properly at the end of each class.

Responsible for auditing all student records and completing audits by the week following each class.

Enters information into Headmaster/TMU in a timely and efficient manner.

Able to follow curriculum designed and implemented by the PES School of Nursing Director of Curriculum.

Provides instruction, support, and mentoring to all students under their instruction.

Able to lift 50+ lbs.

Able to use and utilize computer systems for sharing PPT presentations, and other technological requirements.

Familiarity with Moodle Learning Management System

Grades all assignments within 24 hours of student submission.

Is available for office hours to help students needing assistance or additional help.

Able to successfully supervise 12 nursing assistant students individually.

Provides feedback on clinical and lab performance in a constructive and positive manner to student.

Ability to maintain STRICT professional boundaries and standards with students.

Completes MCIR reports, background checks, and collects TB test results in a timely manner to submit to the clinical site.

Follows all rules and regulations as set forth in the PES employee handbook.

Schedule is Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM EST. No weekends, holidays, and paid time off in between classes!

Job Type: Full-time

Pay:Commensurate with Experience

RN Faculty for LPN Program

PES is currently seeking RN instructors for our upcoming LPN program that we are in the process of launching!

Thank you for taking the time to review our description and need for Registered Nurse instructors in our upcoming LPN program. Please note that we are currently hiring for positions starting fall/winter of 2024, and this will be a multi-month hiring process if you are selected to go through this process.

If selected for the interview process, there will be several interviews with members of our team, and one ten-minute presentation required as part of this process and to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in teaching and presenting.

Final selections will be made by September of 2024.

Role reports to: Dean and Program Director

Any and all roles at PES School of Nursing are at-will. No faculty member or employee is considered to be in a contract relationship at any time.


Minimum Qualifications: 

RN license in good standing with State of Michigan

5 years’ experience as an RN

Bachelors’ Degree (minimum- Master’s preferred)

Experience teaching in a classroom/formal setting.

TB Test

CPR Certified

Able to pass criminal background check

Job Responsibilities: 

Abide by the Policies, Rules and Regulations of the PES School of Nursing

Teach classes assigned by the Dean or Program Director.

Provide regular feedback on course syllabi, objectives, outline, lesson plans and evaluation tools for each unit to be taught.

Keep records of grades and attendance of students and submit them regularly into the student portal.

Maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to learning.

Assist the Programs Administrator in student recruitment and admission.

Maintain regularly scheduled in-person office hours for students to meet with and discuss classroom concerns or to review coursework.

Proctor all exams for students. All exams are completed in person and we require 2 members of staff for proctoring at all times.

Mentor students throughout their program time at the PES School of Nursing

Participate in faculty meetings and provide pertinent input for the progress of students and the improvement of the program.

Maintain professional licensure, complete regular CEUS as is required under Michigan law, and carry professional liability insurance at all times.

Provide Simulation and feedback for Practical Nursing students within the given courses that are being taught.

Provide instruction that aligns with the PES School of Nursing mission and values.

Monitor up to 8 students at the clinical site. Instructors are to remain with the students and supervise during the entire clinical time/rotation and location. Instructors are to maintain positive relationships with clinical sites and organizations.

Maintain a professional demeanor and maintain student/instructor boundaries at all times.

Adhere to and follow all FERPA laws.

Must be available for BOTH didactic and clinical teaching.

Job Type: Full Time/Part Time

Pay: Commensurate with Experience