About PES

Professional Education Services, LLC was the brain child of our co-owner. For years she had wanted to own and start a CNA training program. In 2020 during the lockdowns, she had the time to research and raise funding. Together with our other co-owner and partner, they started and created Professional Education Services, and opened the doors in August of 2020. 

Since they starting in August of 2020, they have served nearly 500 CNA students so far. In 2024 we changed the name to more accurately reflect our programs, and are now known as the PES School of Nursing Education. 

In May of 2024, our medical assistant program launched and is 100% virtual. Students completing this program are eligible for their national certification exam.

In fall of 2024/early winter 2025 we anticipate launching our new LPN program for PN students. Our initial application to the Michigan Board of Nursing has been submitted. At this time, we have no further information that we can share about this exciting new program, but we will as soon as we can!

School License

State of Michigan

School License No: 8604001402- Grand Rapids

CNA Program License

State of Michigan

Grand Rapids 

MA Program

Licensure received in March of 2024 for MA program at our Grand Rapids school.

100% virtual and open to students throughout the US.

1717 4 Mile Rd NE Ste B, Grand Rapids, MI 49525